Octopus Innovation
Innovation Standards
Our innovation efforts are underpinned by three key criteria. Advancements we make aim to make reefing easier with turn-key solutions to reefing issues, introduce more reliable products that require less maintenance and at the same time, design these products to be more energy efficient for cheaper ongoing running costs.
Making it Easier
Our first standard is to achieve ease. New products must successfully make reefing easier for the hobbyist or provide a simple solution to a complex problem in the reefing hobby.
Innovations you will never see
Sometimes our innovations are never seen in store but take place within our very own manufacturing plant. Developments such as increasing environmental efficiency in resource use or improving testing procedures for equipment before it makes it to your aquarium are core to the philosophy of Reef Octopus.
OTP Technology
Octopus Turbine Pumps use less power per liter compared to previous generations which generates less heat and saves you power.
Everyday @ Home Developers Program
Our R&D program does not stop at the doors of our testing facility, in fact our investigations spread right into the sumps of your aquarium. Whilst we test, test and test even more to make our products perform at their peak with increased reliability, there is always a clever hobbyist out there who can make our products go even further.
Making Reefing more Energy Efficient
Less heat , Less energy & maximum performance are the three requirements of increasing efficiency. Our improvements in pumps and impellers help make reefing a more energy efficient hobby.
Super-Streamed Performance
SuperStreaming pushes the performance barrier further with the use of 19 pin needle wheel impellors, superstreaming the fusion of air and water in the chamber. This means more skimming action per motor rotation.
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